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Artificial Grass Carpets Dubai is ideal for those who desire a green and lush environment. Installation Expert is the leading supplier of synthetic grass in Dubai, UAE. We offer high-quality astroturf and expert installation services. By installing our artificial green grass, you can give your area a beautiful natural look in 2024.

We offer eco-friendly, water-resistant, durable grass carpets for lawns, balconies, gardens, gyms, and hotels. Our carpets come at affordable prices, and we serve Dubai and nearby cities. We provide you with affordable water-resistant, eco-friendly, and durable grass carpets. We offer comfortable carpets for your lawns, balconies, gardens, gyms, and hotels in Dubai and nearby cities.

Key Features Of Our Artificial Grass

Cover your floor with our modern and luxurious Artificial grass floor carpets.

Make Your Garden Luxury With Artificial Grass Carpets In Dubai

Whether you want to enhance your balcony, kitchen, drawing room, terrace, or garden with wooden deck flooring, we offer quality materials and perfect green grass that will complete the beauty of your space. Choose our modern Artificial Grass carpets Dubai for a subtle, classic, and natural look. If you are unsure about how to select the right green artificial turf, you can call us from anywhere in Dubai at +971564524245.

Our experts will help you find a suitable option that complements your space. It is crucial to choose the right supplier for ideal grass flooring because their services determine the entire look of your space. Hire House Maintenance Experts in Dubai for precise installation and recommendation services.

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Our Successful Projects 2024

Check out a few of our most recent projects that included making unique artificial grass carpets.

grass carpets
artificial grass in Dubai
artificial grass in Dubai
artificial grass in Dubai

We Offer Budget Friendly Artificial Grass in Dubai

There are countless styles of green pastures from which to choose, so you can have high-quality Artificial grass carpets today.

artificial grass in Dubai
artificial grass carpet

Get Expert Services For Artificial Grass Carpets Installation

We have a team of professionals who specialize in the precise installation of artificial grass carpets for both residential and commercial spaces. Our team uses innovative techniques and tools to fix the carpets to the floor. We always go the extra mile to ensure the finishing is perfect, ensuring that your carpet is perfectly aligned and offers maximum floor stability.

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artificial grass carpets
artificial grass carpets
artificial grass carpets
artificial grass carpets
artificial grass carpets
artificial grass carpets
artificial grass carpets
artificial grass in Dubai

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Why Choose Us For Artificial Grass in Dubai?

Online Carpets is committed to being the best supplier of Artificial grass carpets in Dubai, providing a wide range of high-quality materials in various colors, stains, and textures. In addition to our top-notch products, we offer professional soft-flooring maintenance, repair, and cleaning services designed to save you time and money. We also offer maximum customization options for carpets and rugs to enhance your floor’s ambiance. You can contact our team 24/7 for bookings and consultations.

artificial grass in Dubai

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Although estimates of longevity vary due to many factors, you can expect an artificial turf lawn to last at least 7-10 years. With high-quality turf and a little regular upkeep , you can easily expect your ever-green yard to withstand 15 to 20 years.
A crushed stone or gravel base is the most common and recommended base for artificial turf. The crushed stone should be 3/4 inch or smaller gravel rocks. A layer 1-2 inches deep provides the ideal amount of stability and drainage.
Most would consider 15-20mm short, 25-30mm normal, 30-40mm medium, 45mm long. If looking for a sports grass premier league football cannot be played on grass longer than 30mm and most side who like to pass the ball will have the grass around 20mm in length.
Artificial grass isn’t green forever

The average lifespan of artificial turf is about 10 years.
Artificial grass is made from polyethylene
polypropylene or nylon (polyamide), and fragments from this material can make their way into the soil, and beyond, in the form of microplastic pollution. The shelf life for artificial grass is estimated to be 10-20 years and the product is difficult to reuse.
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