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Key Features Of Our Self leveling

We Provide Best Self leveling Service In All over Dubai

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Self Leveling flooring to Make Your Floor More Beautiful

You must need a level in your life, so why not on your flooring? Flooring is the most critical part of any place, whether commercial or residential. Flooring adds a glance and beauty to the place. Self levelling is necessary to make your floors more comfortable and long-lasting.

We provide floor levelling services for all types of flooring, such as laminate, wooden, PVC, Vinyl or plank flooring. We have experts for this purpose, so you don’t need to worry about this. You need to call our customer service; our team of experts will be at your threshold in no time.

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Unmatched Expressions of Our Self Leveling Floor

  • To guarantee that the floors function for a long time, we level them using materials of the finest quality. Here is the procedure for our floor self-leveling, if you’re interested in understanding:
  • In this process, we maintain a temperature range of +55C to +350C while preparing the concrete mixture for self-leveling.
  • Our professionals transfer the contents of a 25-kilogram bag of Flowcret into a clean container with 6.5 litres of water. After that, they continuously agitate it until a lump-free, homogenous fluid mass is formed.
  • A mixer with a low rotation rate (300 rpm) can be used for mixing.
  • We applied Flowcret in a single layer up to 10 mm thick using a large rubber spatula.
  • The average weight of a 1 mm thick layer is around 1.65 kg/m2.
  • Sand with a 0–4 mm particle size is added at a weight percentage of 30–50%.
  • Finally, the surface is rolled with a unique spiky roller to release air collected in the self-levelling compound. By doing this, bubbles on the floor are avoided.

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self leveling DUBAI
self leveling DUBAI
self leveling DUBAI
self leveling DUBAI
self leveling DUBAI
self leveling DUBAI
self leveling DUBAI
self leveling DUBAI

We Offer the Best Quality Self Leveling Service in Dubai

Experience premium self flooring leveling services for Carpets in Dubai, guaranteeing the highest quality and meticulous attention to detail for your satisfaction.

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self leveling DUBAI

Self-Leveling Floors Essential Before Installing Flooring

Floor Self Leveling is one of the most important things for keeping the floors in good functional condition. Self-levelling is necessary for the floors if you want to add another flooring. A level floor is needed for all situations to stabilize the floor. You are in the right place if you wish to self-level your floor. We provide all the services associated with floor levelling to make our customers feel at ease.

We use premium quality concrete or epoxy floor diy to level the floor, so it will never get damaged over time.  Most of our customers use our floor level as the floor of their laundry and add the ultimate floor because of its durability and resistance to water. You can also hire us to level your floor. 

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Why Choose Us?

Choosing our self-leveling flooring in Dubai has multiple advantages that satisfy both practical as well as physical requirements, making it the perfect fit for the colourful and rich physical scene of the city. First off, our product provides unparalleled smoothness and softness, offering an extremely uniform basis for your flooring.

This is essential for superior finishing, particularly in Dubai’s high-end building projects. Because of its self leveling operation, which substantially cuts down on the time required for installation, it’s an excellent choice for new projects and repairs where time is of the essential.Additionally, our self-leveling flooring is long-lasting and durable, made to handle the cold temperatures of Dubai. It keeps its original quality and look over time by avoiding chipping and splitting. Our product is flexible and is suitable for a variety of different floor coverings, such as high-end vinyl tiles.

self leveling DUBAI

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Self-leveling flooring consists of a blend of polymers and cementitious materials that, when mixed with water, forms a fluid compound. This compound can be poured over an existing floor substrate to create a new, level surface without manual intervention.

 Due to Dubai’s rapid construction developments and the premium finish required in both residential and commercial spaces, self-leveling flooring is popular for its ability to provide a quick, smooth, and durable surface that can accommodate various top-flooring options like tiles, carpets, or hardwood.

 While primarily used indoors, there are specific self-leveling compounds designed for outdoor use. These are formulated to withstand Dubai’s extreme temperatures and exposure to sunlight. However, it’s crucial to choose the right product for outdoor applications.

 The drying time can vary depending on the product and environmental conditions. Typically, it takes about 24-48 hours for a self-leveling compound to dry enough to walk on, but it may need up to 7 days to fully cure before installing the final flooring.

 Yes, self-leveling compounds can be applied over existing tiles, provided the surface is properly prepared. This includes cleaning, possibly sanding, and applying a primer to ensure good adhesion.

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